Punk Is Not Dead!

Bad Posture Band PicThe seminal punk band "Bad Posture" is gearing up for a few shows this summer. This marks a third reunion, which oddly enough coincides with another presidential election. The first reunion was back in '96 at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco to celebrate the release of the "G.D.M.F.S.O.B." CD on Grand Theft Audio (still available). They played to a packed house. It almost seemed that the '82 fans never left the mosh pit. They were joined with the next generation of thrashers, who adopted Bad Posture's music with frenetic glee.The band's trademark of slam-dancing mangled musicians, complete with Eddie's smashed Gibson SG, ended in a dogpile on stage. The reaction of the crowd was typical...THROW MORE BEER AT THE BAND!

Although the band has gotten older, the shows performed this past summer were not any less energetic. This is a band noted for its ferocious delivery, so don't expect to just stand there. This is the original spectacle band!


Lovely fans from this past summer's show at Lennon Studios, San Francisco.  They STILL have the draw!



Grand Theft Audio 1996

Faulty Products/Alternative Tentacles Virus14 (Released 1982)
Vinyl only
Re-released on CD by Alternative Tentacles, Oct 1999


LIVE On WFMU - Saturday, April 9, 2005

Bad Posture will be performing live at WFMU's studio on Terre T's Cherry Blossom Clinic - 3:00pm. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!  Catch it live on 91.1 if you're in the NY/NJ area, or listen to it on the internet at http://www.wfmu.org


Oh shit, he won - damn!

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