John Surrell Article
Bad Posture's John Surrell was recently the subject of an Art's and Entertainment article.  To see the article - please click here.

Bad Posture at Lennon Studio - July 5, 2008

Bad Posture  to performed along with Schmelly and Scott (Red Meat), Society Dog, Speedracer, Urban Assault, The Fuck-Ups, Meri St. Mary, Naked Lady, Wrestlers, Balls Of Steel, Rampaged, The Lewd, The Afflicted, Fang, Porticia and Urban Assault, Verbal Abuse, Acufuncture at Lennon Studios  for  1 show only on Saturday, July 5, 2008. Shows start at 12:30pm going on until 12:45am. We hope to be on around 8:00pm  
LennonStudios - Poster

Lennon Studios

At the Uptown (Bar) in SF on Sunday, July 6, 2008

Check out the members of Bad Posture in Los Cerverceros, Texas Manglers AND Old Posture, appearing at the Uptown on Sunday.  This should really be great.

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