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Bad Posture

Bad Posture were a San Francisco, California quintet and were one of nearly four dozen Northern California and Nevada bands featured on the Faulty Products distributed Alternative Tentacles LP, NOT SO QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT.

Bad Posture's line up was "Bruno" & "Eddie" on guitars, "Emilio" on Bass, "John" on Drums and the oddly-named "4-Way" on vocals..."4-Way" now fronts a band called Suicide King and John is in The  Zen 'Gators.  Eddie still plays with the SF band, Los Cerverceros.  Emilio is currently involved in many solo endeavors.  Bruno has a SF band Goofball.

Raw Rough and Rowdy

Norman's Record Poop Store was having another "everything's a buck" used CD sale a while back and I grabbed this CD just because they sounded and looked like a punk band. And they were! And it's great! This CD appears to include everything that Bad Posture ever recorded, including an 8-song demo, 12 rough and rowdy live tracks and an 8-song 12-inch EP. The singer sounds like a gruffer Will Shatter from Flipper and the band plays a heavy, fast, distorted chord-driven thing reminiscent of early Black Flag, Ramones, that kind of stuff. Melodies? Catchy as hell! The title track especially -- "God Damned Mother Fucking Son Of A Bitch! I can't move! I can't twitch!" Love it. Nearly every song is great, though a couple are direct ripoffs of other, better known songs ("What Are We Fighting For?" is "Blitzkrieg Bop" with different lyrics. Let's not try to fool each other here. It just is.) The CD's only fault is that there are actually only 16 different songs. The other 12 tracks are alternate versions of songs you've already heard previously on the CD. And quite frankly, no matter how great "Time For Smack" and "Get Tough" are, they get really friggin' (female masturbation) tiresome by the third time around.

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